MBE Franchise FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

MBE Franchise FAQs

Why is MBE a franchise?

Franchising is a business model which lets a big brand spread its strength across a global network of businesses. As a franchisee, you get the support you need to start your business and be competitive in any market.

What is the franchise agreement?

The franchise agreement is a standard type of commercial contract. There are two parties in any agreement – the franchisor and the franchisee.

In this case, the franchisor is MBE. We provide the famous brand name, trademarks and special processes for you, our franchisee. We also support all of our franchisees in the growth and development of their successful businesses.

What is a franchisee?

The franchisee in any franchise agreement is allowed to benefit from the name, trademarks and proven processes of the franchisor but remains legally and economically independent of them.

What about the costs of becoming a franchisee?

Please contact us to receive more information.

Will I get training as an MBE franchisee?

Yes. It is in everyone’s interests that every entrepreneur in our network receives full training no matter their previous experience. The training we provide includes classroom and in-store training on subjects like business operation and development for a period of four weeks.

We also offer numerous ongoing training courses in related fields.

Where should I locate my MBE Center?

After setting up more than 2500 Centers around the world, we know what makes for the perfect location. We will help you select a location which gives you the best chance of operating a successful business.

Will I have my own unique area?

Yes. Again, it is in the interests of the entire network for this to be the case. We lay out your exclusive area in your franchise agreement to ensure that different Centers do not compete with one another.

How do I open my MBE Center?

We help you with every single aspect of this. From location selection to interior design to the fixtures.

Is Switzerland suitable for an MBE Center?

The MBE brand and concept has already proven to be successful in more than 40 different countries and cultures around the world.

Can I buy an existing MBE Center?

If one is available, yes. Of course, this is not always possible. But if this is a possibility that you are interested in, we can certainly discuss it when you get in touch to discuss franchise opportunities.

Why would I not start my own business instead of opening an MBE franchise?

The high level of risk involved in starting your own business is often the deciding factor cited by most of our current entrepreneurs. Being an MBE franchise means you have support.

What’s more, we provide the kind of training which most new entrepreneurs so desperately need but often attempt to persevere without. Plus, if there is ever a problem, you have a highly experienced central team of problem-solvers to call on. That’s something which no standalone entrepreneur has at their beck and call.

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